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Small Business Video Production Best Practices 2023

It may seem too difficult or expensive, but small business video production content is easier to create and distribute in 2023 than ever before.

Yet most small businesses think video production is out of reach. That means your small business has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself by creating video production content.

  • Why it matters: Using video as part of your content marketing strategy will increase reach and brand awareness, improve social media engagement, and leave a more lasting impact on your audience.

This post will show you everything you need to get your small business video production started.

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How small business video production content will increase your growth in 2023

You've heard this before: Videos create better reach, engagement, and impact than any other form of content. And it's fundamentally true. That's why small business video production content will transform your business for the better.

Here's how:

1. Increased reach and brand awareness

Small business video production content will increase your reach and brand awareness, which are fancy marketing terms for "get you more eyeballs." And more eyeballs means more selling opportunities.

2. Improved social media engagement

You ever fire off a Tweet, Instagram post, or Facebook status just to get no "likes"? Same. Small business video production content is different; the likelihood of improved social media engagement is much higher.

3. Higher opportunity to leave a lasting impact

Video content creates higher chances to leave a lasting impact on your audience because it's an immersive audiovisual experience. Whether serious, emotional, or humorous, is up to you.

Small business video production content will differentiate your business.

Because no matter how many times people read about video content's impact, there's a large percentage of those who never give it a real shot. Don't be that person. Go get started.

What are the different types of small business video production in 2023

This is where most small business owners get tripped up: Not knowing what types of videos they can make. But trust us, the opportunities are endless.

1. Product videos

Product videos are straight-forward and powerful when done well.

No need to get too fancy. Just show your product solving the specific problem is meant to solve. Real-world use cases and examples of how it works make for great small business video production content. You also get the added benefit of educating both potential clients or current customers. It's a win-win.

2. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials can do wonders for your small business.

This is what marketers call "social proof," which basically means letting others speak about how great you are. Today's digital age makes these small video production types that much easier; just ask a customer to record themselves talking about your product. Or set up a video call to virtually record an interview.

3. Educational videos

Educational videos are popular because they work.

It's a fundamental part of any content marketing strategy; To educate. Most audiences today prefer to learn through audiovisual content, or video productions, so creating educational videos are a must for small business video production content in 2023. Your audience will thank you.

4. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are similar to educational videos, but they are distinct.

Whereas educational videos are geared toward your actual industry or niche and it's current or future state, explainer videos are specifically created for potential customers or target customers. And they're used to explain how your product can support their needs.

5. Marketing videos

Marketing videos are also an important part of small business video production.

And although the above types can all be considered marketing videos, targeted marketing videos promoting a specific product or service for a specific campaign are distinct. They're part of a larger, wide range marketing strategy meant to attract your target audience.

There are many other types of videos that most video video production companies will recommend like:

  • Corporate videos - high-quality video productions showcasing your mission

  • Music videos - playful video productions that uses trending tracks

  • Social media videos - easy video production content created for social

At the end of the day, your small business video production goals are yours to create. We recommend you study videos from your favorite content creators or brands to see what they're doing that you'd like to do.

Once you outline your goals, thinking about the types of video productions will become much easier.

How to start your small business video production strategy in 2023

Your small business video production strategy in 2023 is "to just get started."

That's right. There's no better video marketing strategy out there. We just want you to get started. We understand this may seem unattainable to you, but we assure you it isn't.

Here's how to start your small business video production strategy:

1. Do It Yourself

You have the most powerful mobile camera in the world right in your pocket: A smart phone.

Especially if you have the newest Samsung, Google, or Apple models, your camera quality is insanely good. And between your smart phone camera and a free video editing software like Davinci Resolve, you can produce videos absolutely for free right now.

  • The bottom line: Take out your phone, open up a social media app like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, and record/edit videos in-app. It's free. Intuitive. And easy to use.

2. Seek Out A Freelancer

The most challenging part of video production for small businesses is time and effort.

Even a single cameraman and video editor combo would be plenty to get you pumping out great content. And it releases you from the added stress of thinking too much or adding too much onto your plate.

  • The bottom line: Go to websites like Fiverr or Upwork to find local freelancers. Or even contact your local universities' film programs to seek out video interns/students.

3. Hire a Video Production Company

This is the most lucrative and expensive option and we don't recommend this for day-to-day small business video production.

You have too many economical options available to you. However, if you've got the cash flow, traction, and projected growth and you're looking to make a high-end video production asset then you can consider an agency.

  • The bottom line: Don't get fooled into spending too much money on small business video production content too early. You can do plenty on your own or with cheaper help.

Your video marketing strategy is yours to own. But at the end of the day, the best strategy is action oriented. Or better put, the best strategy is one that gets you doing something.

Go start making videos.

The top five small business video production best practices in 2023

There are many small business video production best practices, but here's the top five to get you started:

1. Build in public and show everything

This is what people want to see. You have a product? Show us how you make it. Why it matters. How it's unique. Why we should care. This will get people engaged and bought in.

2. Teach people something

If you're an expert in your field, tell us about it. Create "how to" videos specific to your business or niche. Give away information for free. People want to learn. And they'll repay you with their loyalty.

3. Entertain your audience

Be personable, be authentic, be yourself in your content. Or come up with unique, entertaining ways to showcase your product or service. It's not that serious, have fun with it.

4. Use in-app features

Whether you're doing it yourself or using a freelancer, it's key to upload videos to their respective social media apps and use in-app features to boost engagement across the board.

5. Focus on audio, lighting, and video quality (in that order)

Your videos will go from good to great if you simply take the time and care to focus on quality. Record in quiet conditions, use direct light, and use a decent smart phone or digital camera.

In closing

Small business video production is a must-have in 2023.

And although it may seem difficult (or scary!) to get started, we hope our blog's shown you a path forward. There's too much upside to creating small business video productions, and too many resources available to you, for you to not get started.

Good luck, Captain!

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