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The Best Content Marketing Roles You Should Apply For & Why

The best content marketing roles empower you to grow your content marketing skills, content portfolio, and content creation capabilities.

Not all content marketing roles are created equally.

There are specific content marketing roles that are better than others. And we believe the best ones support your journey in becoming a full-stack content marketer.

The best content marketing roles are:

  • Content marketing specialist

  • Content marketing manager

  • Manager, content marketing

Looking for a content marketing job? Check out our job board.

There are several other content marketing roles available to you like content strategist or content writer. However, the best content marketing roles not only empower you to become a full-stack content marketer, but they also pay you the best while giving you room to grow.

This post will cover the best content marketing roles you should apply for, what each one does, and why you should seek them.

Let's get started.

A woman interviewing a man for new content marketing roles

What are the best content marketing roles?

The best content marketing roles empower you to join or create strong content marketing teams that continuously deliver business-relevant results.

Sure, you could get a content marketing role that lets you manage an editorial calendar and perhaps brainstorm "content strategy." But if your job doesn't let you do the work (create content) then you should consider other content marketing roles.

We recently answered the question "what does a content marketer do?" and shared that at it's core, content marketers create:

  • Social media posts

  • One-pagers

  • Blog posts

  • Case studies

  • Videos

  • White papers

  • Ebooks

  • Web pages

Notice how none of this talks about "content strategy."

Yes, at a certain point in your career you'll need to know how to develop content marketing strategies to inform your content calendar development.

But if you don't learn copywriting, video production, or design skills, you'll never elevate to those executive (chief content officer-type) roles.

Here's what the best content marketing roles look like:

  • Content marketing coordinator/specialist (entry-level)

  • Content marketing manager (entry-to-mid-level)

  • Manager, content marketing (senior-to-mid-level)

Now let's discuss what these roles do.

What does a content marketing specialist do?

Content marketing specialists are entry-level content marketers responsible for executing an already established content marketing strategy and program.

Specialists support content marketing efforts and content creation, but they don't lead teams or generate strategies. Instead, they're a content team's foundation and support generating content for a target audience including social media posts, blog posts, and one-pagers.

  • Why this content marketing role matters: If your goal is to become a full-stack content marketer, then content marketing specialist roles are a great starting point because you'll learn all the content marketing fundamentals you need.

What does a content marketing manager do?

Content marketing managers are entry-to-mid-level content marketers responsible for creating multimedia content that's optimized for search engines and specific to their target audience.

Much like specialists, content marketing managers must know how to create multiple types of content. But at this point, it's expected that you know more about search engine optimization, how to create content for a target audience, and how to ideate a content marketing strategy.

  • Why this content marketing role matters: Now we're moving up the ladder. Sure, you'll still work on some social media posts and low hanging fruit stuff. But in this role you'll get the chance to work on multimedia content and strategy.

What does a manger, content marketing do?

Manager, content marketers are mid-to-senior-level content marketers responsible for leading content teams that consistently deliver high-quality content that positively impacts the business.

People managers will not only be held responsible for content marketing strategies and activities, but to also prioritize effectively and build a strong team culture. At this stage, you should be an elite content creator capable of managing many different projects at once.

  • Why this content marketing role matters: You must be an absolute stud to manage the work of an individual contributor (IC) and a people manager. And that's why we are pushing you to become a full-stack content marketer.

How to apply for content marketing jobs?

To apply for content marketing jobs, you'll need to search for content marketing roles, prepare your resume, and create a content portfolio.

We recently shared how to get your first entry level content marketing job, but here's a quick overview.

Steps to apply for content marketing jobs:

  1. Look for content marketing roles using the Content Captains job board.

  2. Prepare your resume and apply to relevant job titles.

  3. Create a content portfolio and prepare for your interviews.

Once you get a call back from a recruiter, it'll be your responsibility to showcase why you're the best content creator for the job. (Hint: If you can showcase full-stack content marketing skills and how your work's tied to business goals, you will win.)

Looking for a content marketing job? Check out our job board.

In closing

If you'd like to enjoy a successful content marketing career path, you'll need to develop five content marketing skills: content marketing, copywriting, video production, SEO, and graphic design.

That's the foundation every full-stack content marketer must build off.

Because without being an effective content creator, you won't know how to jump on trends, create content that moves the needle, or grow into high-paying leadership roles.

But thankfully, you're a Content Captains reader.

And we'll guide you every step of the way to become a highly paid, top performing full-stack content marketer.

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