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Content Marketing Manager Job Description: Here's What You Need to Know

The average content marketing manager job description includes planning content marketing initiatives, managing content creators, and analyzing content marketing data.

Last week, we shared what a typical content marketing specialist job description looks like; and you'll notice similarities between the two.

Most notably, content marketing managers and specialists are both essential parts of any great content team as their main responsibility includes creating or editing content.

However, a key difference is seniority and experience levels.

Although both are considered individual contributor (IC) roles, content marketing managers are more senior than specialists. So there'll be heightened expectations for these roles around things like interpersonal skills or project management skills on top of content creation skills.

And if you're to become a full-stack content marketer, this is the type of role where you'll get to start spreading your wings and trying new things. Because you're still new enough to push the status quo and make mistakes, but senior enough to where you'll be extended grace as you try new things.

Not to mention, content marketing job descriptions tend to sport quite competitive salaries, even though they're still very much so considered to be relatively entry-level.

For these reasons, we believe content marketing manager positions are some of the best content marketing roles you should be applying for.

But first, let's learn more about content marketing manager job descriptions.

Man reviewing a content marketing manager job description while at a restaurant.

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Content marketing manager job description

Content marketing manager job descriptions will showcase various requirements, capabilities, and skills you're expected to possess (which we've outlined below).

If you were to follow a typical content marketing career path, you'll find that content marketing manager roles tend to range from entry-to-mid-level requirements.

Remember, each content marketing manager job description will vary based on company needs, requirements, and goals.

Here's what a typical content marketing manager job description looks like:


We are seeking a forward-thinking content marketing manager poised to strategize, create, and distribute high-quality content marketing assets. As a content marketing manager, you will be tasked with establishing, leading, and improving our content creation process to consistently deliver marketing materials for our fast paced go-to-market (GTM) teams.

The ideal candidate for this content marketing manager role would not only plan and launch great content while collaborating with cross-functional teams, but they would also analyze marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) to make better informed decisions. The ideal candidate for this role would possess excellent communication skills, analytical skills, and writing skills while leveraging them to craft and deploy effective content marketing strategies that produce relevant content.

Content marketing manager responsibilities

  • Develop content marketing programs, campaigns, and activities for various marketing and social media channels to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversion rates.

  • Manage or support a team of writers, SEO specialists, and content specialists to craft compelling content in various content formats ranging from white papers to email marketing.

  • Collaborate with internal teams like demand generation, marketing communications, and product marketing to ensure synergy while marching toward successfully hitting business targets.

  • Create engaging content to drive organic traffic, brand engagement, and conversion rates like social media posts, one-pagers, blogs, and ebooks.

  • Collaborate with content writers, product marketers, graphic designers, and web developers to ideate, plan, and define content marketing goals and execute on content marketing strategies.

  • Understand company ideal customer personas (ICP), industry trends, and target audience to create content for various parts of the buyer's journey.

  • Create, manage, and maintain editorial content calendar and deliverables, and meet project-specific deadlines on time while communicating progress.

  • Join marketing team and cross-functional team calls to better understand company-wide needs and ideate how content creation can support business goals.

Your content marketing experience

  • A college degree in marketing, journalism, or something similar.

  • 3-5 years of content marketing experience.

  • A content marketing portfolio of published work.

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and Google Analytics.

  • Excellent written, verbal, and collaborative communication skills.

  • Hard-working, fast paced content manager with editorial mindset.

What do content marketing managers do?

Content marketing managers plan content marketing activities, manage content creators, and analyze content marketing data.

A few weeks ago, we answered the question, what does a content marketer do?, which provides a high-level overview of content marketing responsibilities.

Similar to content marketing specialists, content marketing managers will be expected to not only plan but to create content including:

  • Social media posts

  • One-pagers

  • Blog posts

  • Case studies

  • eBooks

In short, content marketing managers will be expected to possess a more in-depth knowledge of content marketing fundamentals while sporting the capacity to plan, manage, and analyze content marketing activities.

And depending on the company you join, content marketing managers may also be expected to establish, lead, and improve content marketing processes and workflows to build effective content engines.

How much does a content marketing manager make?

Content marketing managers make anywhere from $70,000/year to $125,000/year.

Your specific salary will vary based on several factors like industry, company, and years of experience you possess.

But there are three things you can control to increase your chances at striking high-paying content marketing jobs to include:

  • Learning full-stack content marketing skills

  • Creating a content marketing portfolio that shows range

  • Earning a college degree and/or content marketing certifications

Remember, content marketing is all about creating content used in marketing activities.

So if you can showcase a distinct ability to manage and create lots of different types of content, you will increase your odds at landing big salaries.

In closing

Content marketing manager job descriptions will vary.

But we hope this post not only showcases what a typical content marketing manager job description looks like, but also illuminates how easily you can get these positions.

Follow our lead, and you'll be touching top content marketing dollars in no time.

And in the meantime, check out our content marketing jobs board to start applying.

Please reach out if you have any questions or needs.

We're here to support you.

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